NFL Will Implement GPS Technology

NFL Bane Mask Ban: Controversial Ban For Custom Mask

NFL Bane Mask Ban

I can see the GPS systems being useful for things like preventing Reggie Bush from getting lost on his way to the endzone or trying to calculate the unused space in Michael Strahans mouthguard, but Im always wary when it comes to 1984 type situations unless there planning on using drones to eliminate WRs who dog it back to the huddle. In the first place if your a North-South runningback your basically a human GPS already. In the second hand, the logical next step is to put GPS units in tickets and I dont want NFL security to come down to the lower bowl and kick me out of a seat I snuck into fair and square. Dont get me wrong Id love to see the data on how much faster stadium lines move now that girls arent allowed to bring pantyshields or diaphrams into games anymore, but something tells me is already one step ahead of me on that one though. Im actually more in favor of the NFL using the GPS systems of the field to keep a eye on players who are known to lack homing discipline and find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time all the time. Setting up hotspots for stripclubs or hoodie stores in any given NFL city would trigger a alarm back at the League office so that you can tell which players are being distractions. You can also keep data like how often your QBs taking the OLine guys out for steaks verse lounging in Mexico with some girl he met. Theres big money invested in the players who are technically products, and you know every Fortune 500 company puts tracking devices on there shipments, theyd be dumb not to.

Former NFL player describes the pressure to use human growth hormone

14 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs NFL, union plan to use ex-players as HGH guinea pigs Tom Pelissero, USA TODAY Sports 7:53 p.m. EDT August 14, 2013 Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during a news conference at the NFL’s spring meetings in Boston in May. (Photo: Elise Amendola, AP) Story Highlights The NFL and players union plan to give ex-players HGH and incorporate their HGH levels into a study By measuring the levels of HGH in ex-players receiving HGH and a placebo, the league and union hope to determine a threshold for catching cheaters It’s unclear whether any former players have agreed to take part in the experiment SHARE 179 CONNECT 144 TWEET 14 COMMENTEMAILMORE MANKATO, Minn. Dozens of former NFL players will be administered human growth hormone as the NFL and its players union try to determine the impact of use on players’ HGH levels, three people with knowledge of the plan told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. The people spoke on the condition of anonymity because the study has not been announced publicly. The tentative plan is for roughly 100 former players to participate in the study, with two-thirds receiving HGH and the other third receiving a placebo. Their HGH levels will be measured before and after the trial. It’s part of the scientific design of the population study that will include blood draws from all current players to determine the so-called decision limit i.e.

Which NFL Players Are Turning in Most Impressive Camps so Far?


The former Miami Hurricanes standout has been one of the games best over the last 10 seasons. In 2012, Johnson totaled 112 receptions for 1,598 yards and four touchdowns. Back in April, 10 years after selecting Johnson, the Texans once again opted for a wideout in the first round. They tabbed Clemsons DeAndre Hopkins with the 27th overall pick. So far so good for Hopkins, who caught a 34-yard touchdown pass from quarterback T.J. Yates last Friday versus the Minnesota Vikings.

Citing “three people with knowledge of the plan,” the report says that HGH levels will be measured before and after the study. The initial story says that it is not certain if any former players had yet to agree to the study or how the HGH would be administered. However, as has been widely reported in recent weeks, as the league and NFLPA work to come up with an agreed-upon plan for blood testing, questions have arisen about the need to have a baseline that deems what a “normal” level is in a player. In a subsequent USA Today report, former NFL defensive back Solomon Wilcots was quoted as saying that hed volunteer “in a heartbeat” if asked to participate in the study while former tight end Shannon Sharpe appeared more hesitant. “Hey, I’m not just going to be somebody’s guinea pig just to prove a point to see what’s going on,” he told USA Today. “If I talk to enough people to get enough reassurances that everything is going to be OK, then no problem. Then I’m happy to help. “Do you mean I’m going to go from a size 13 shoe since I was 13 years old and all of a sudden I’m walking around with a size 16? If you give somebody human growth hormone, what does that consist of?

NFL, union plan to use ex-players as HGH guinea pigs

goodell hgh’s Kimberly Jones said New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith told her his right ankle is not bothering him at all. Coach Rex Ryan told Jones he would have liked if one of his quarterbacks had separated himself at this point but that simply has not happened. NFL Network’s Sean O’Hara said Smith is a rookie and interceptions are going to happen, noting how Broncos QB Peyton Manning tossed three in the first half against the Falcons last season along with how Saints QB Drew Brees threw five picks in a game — also against the Falcons . Can Kaepernick do it again? When asked if San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be able to replicate his success from 2012, O’Hara said he will because of the 49ers ‘ run game. O’Hara noted the Niners averaged more than 5 yards per rush last season.

‘NFL Total Access’ recap: Tom Brady’s injury not serious

He told The Detroit News that a few of his meals during the trip consisted of frogs and rats. [My teammates] thought the Amazon was nuts, eating frogs and rats and piranha and stuff like that, Levy said. OK, but remember when it was casually mentioned you were eating rats? Theres a little jungle rodent we had to catch with a spear. There we have it. DeAndre Levy has no qualms with eating a few rats when hes vacationing out in the jungle. The good news is he wasnt compelled to Vine dinner. This wasnt the first trip into the wilderness for Levy, and it wont be his last. He plans to take on Mount Kilimanjaro next according to The Detroit News .

NFL linebacker spent his vacation eating rats


It was a train wreck. “I was one of those guys who said, ‘No way. Nobody’s doing it.’ And then I just remember playing against some guys who will remain nameless, and I remember going, ‘This is a joke.’ Because I remember working my tail off, harder than I ever did before. My energy wasn’t as high. My strength which I thought was high wasn’t. And I remember sitting there going, ‘I am running uphill in a snowstorm with no shoes.’ That’s what I felt like. “I remember when certain guys got off of it because they got nabbed, or the league started cracking down they were a complete different person.

Report: NFL to give ex-players HGH

The NFL is also looking into other possible violators. Stephen Bowen might find himself another casualty of the ruling. According to the McCarthy e-mail, a player would need to provide a medical reason why his custom facemask was a necessity. Because I want to look awesome doesnt count. Brian Orakpo, who originally wore a bane mask with the Tennessee Titans says hes working on an appeal. Custom facemasks have become all the rage in the NFL, a trend that began in popularity when Justin Tuck of the New York Giants debuted what has become known as the Bane facemask.


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