College Football Countdown | No. 1: Alabama

Concussion bot to debut at Northern Arizona football game

For now, Miami has the weapons to score points on any team in the ACC but cant be viewed as a championship contender until a young and untested defense rounds into form. USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen 27. Michigan State: The Spartans continue to house one of the nations best defenses, a group more than good enough to lift this team to the Rose Bowl. To rebound from last seasons disappointing seven-win finish, Michigan State must land more production from quarterback Andrew Maxwell and a stable of four or five backs battling to replace LeVeon Bell. Al Goldis, AP Fullscreen 26. Tulsa: The Golden Hurricane should be viewed as a heavy favorite to win another Conference USA championship. Tulsa has bigger goals, however, and could conceivably reach the Bowl Championship Series with a strong September against opponents like Oklahoma and Iowa State. For now, this team has too many issues on defense and is too reliant on freshmen for depth to be considered more than a contender for a national ranking. USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen 25.

Kiszla: Football players need to change way they think about hits

Despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary, the real problem is it’s all too common for a football player to let his machismo, rather than his brain, do the thinking on the field. The helmet is used as a weapon by athletes young and brash enough to think they’re bullet proof, and football is video-game violence that can be forgotten as quickly as hitting the reset button. That’s stupid. And that reckless approach is on the players, not on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The score doesn’t count in exhibition games. But the pain does. Late in the first quarter of a consumer ripoff disguised as the epic struggle of athletes chasing their NFL dreams, Broncos rookie Kayvon Webster set his sights on Jaron Brown after the Arizona receiver hauled in a short pass. Webster blasted Brown. Jacked him up.

Football Season Shines Brighter Light on CBS Blackout

Cowboys Stadium, NFL Stadium, NFL, Dallas Cowboys

FOX owns rights to the NFC package, while CBS primarily airs AFC games. CBS declined to comment for this story. The network has recently begun airing radio ads featuring play-by-play voice Jim Nantz and others, suggesting fans switch providers to avoid missing out on NFL games. Power of Live Sports At the center of the dispute is an effort by cable and satellite providers to fight against rising programming costs, arguing they are driving up subscription prices paid by customers. Broadcast networks like CBS, however, have sought to grab a piece of the pie formerly reserved for cable channels. Pay-TV companies only started to pay broadcast networks for the right to carry their signals in the last few years. Distributors used to instead negotiate deals to give broadcasters additional capacity for new channels. Disputes over rights fees often result in blackouts. Last year, Viacom channels such as MTV and Nickelodeon were taken off DirecTV ( DTV ) for nine days.


K Connor Barth, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9. K Lawrence Tynes, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10. TE Dustin Keller, Miami Dolphins 11. WR Danario Alexander, San Diego Chargers 12. WR Brandon Stokley, Baltimore Ravens 13.

Welcome to Football Four


So what is Football Four? It is a new web site from USA TODAY Sports that focuses on the Bowl Championship Series, the College Football Playoff and the myriad rankings and ratings that make college football the most debated sport we have. The four-team playoff is going to be awesome, but do you think it’s going remove debate from the college football equation? Hardly. “The fifth team will probably cry and moan,” Mike Bellotti, the former Oregon coach turned ESPN analyst told USA TODAY Sports’ George Schroeder this week. Football Four will capture the debate, quantify the debate, explain the teams that have a case and those that don’t, and keep fans apprised of what games mean the most to the postseason every week of the regular season.

America’s Most Dangerous Football Is in the Pee-Wee Leagues, Not the NFL

McKee is a devoted go Packers fan. Im a cheesehead! she proclaims proudly.) One of the films most jarring moments comes when Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter declares, Our best coaches are coaching our best players, and thats in professional football. Our worst coaches are coaching the most critical position, and that is the 9-, 10-, 11-year-old people. When I talked to Pamphilon last week, he explained, At this level, you have no idea what a coachs qualifications are as an instructor or his maturity as a man. Many organizations, including Pop Warner, simply require coaches to complete an online course every three years. On the Pop Warner leagues website , you can read that there is an absence of catastrophic head and neck injuries and disruptive joint injuries found at higher levelsbut the attribution for this information isnt offered. Pamphilon, on the other hand, cites a study at Virginia Tech in which two third-graders collided with an impact that would be considered high for college players. Pop Warner officials did make some rule changes last year: Contact was prohibited during two-thirds of practice time, and drills thatinvolved full speed head-on blocking and tackling were eliminated. Still, Pamphilon is skeptical of encouraging any young boy to play tackle football. Im not in favor of letting anyone play football unless they understand the consequences, he said. I dont think anyone should play without being informedwhatever age he is.

Fantasy football 2013 draft preview: Explaining changes to Top 300

Will Likely is almost guaranteed playing time as a fourth cornerback. Veii should receive playing time as a third back. It also sounds like Maryland wont be afraid to play tight end Andrew Isaacs, offensive lineman Moises Larose and wide receiver DeAndre Lane, either in a slot receiving or return role. Former Under Armour all-American Yannick Ngakoue might see time on special teams, too. >> Along the offensive line, Maryland will start Mike Madaras (left tackle), DeOnte Arnett (left guard), Sal Conaboy (center), Michael Dunn (right guard) and Ryan Doyle (right tackle).

Maryland football vs. FIU: Open discussion thread

“As we seek new and innovative ways to provide the highest level of concussion care and expertise, we hope that teleconcussion can meet this need and give athletes at all levels immediate access to concussion experts.” Throughout the Northern Arizona University football season, the bot will allow a neurology specialist to remotely control its camera system and assess patients for concussion symptoms — as well as consult the sideline medical personnel — from miles away in real time. Related stories Impact-sensing sports cap measures head injury But collegiate-level football may not be the ultimate focus. Dr. Vargas says that because nearly 60 percent of US high schools lack access to an athletic trainer, the younger athletes are the most susceptible to concussions with the fewest “safeguards” to identify them at the time of injury: “Teleconcussion is one way to bridge this gap regardless of when or where they may be playing.” This isn’t the Mayo Clinic’s first foray into telemedicine. Researchers developed a telestroke program back in 2007 to bring stroke expertise to some of the 40 percent of Arizona residents who live in areas without it. Since then, almost 3,000 emergency consultations have taken place between Mayo neurologists and remote patients for brain-related emergencies such as strokes.


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